Choosing The Right Web Hosting Package

Whether you are a large business, small business or an individual, getting the right Web Hosting package which suits your needs can be tricky task. Today, having a website on the internet reflects so much on an individual or business and web hosting will play an important role in delivering your information quickly, safely and efficiently without any down time. You will need a web host which is reliable and takes their part in hosting your website responsibly and seriously. If you are new to the process of choosing a web hosting provider or setting up a website you maybe asking yourself “where do I start!” Well, here are a few things you should ask yourself and your web hosting provider, helping you choose the correct package to suit your needs.What do you want to achieve on the web?Start off by asking yourself what you want to achieve on the web, what type of website are you going to have built, are you thinking of creating a small website of 3 or 4 pages, a brochure site, a blog, a large ecommerce for example? The next step is to consider if your website is likely to grow in size, either by adding more pages or content, the more content you have the more web space you will need. How much traffic do you expect to visit your site? if you are expecting quite a lot of visitors/traffic then you will need a high bandwidth. Do you require multiple email accounts? Most hosting packages now offer email accounts as a part your hosting, ask your hosting provider how many mailboxes they offer with each package.What Hosting Packages do they offer?Find out what hosting options they have to offer, Some hosting companies only specialise in one kind of hosting, either shared or dedicated hosting but most companies now offer a good range of both. All reputable web hosts offer excellent entry-level basic web hosting packages which are really good value for money and start for as little as £19.99 per month. These are usually on shared servers and have a limit on the bandwidth available, although many of the top hosting companies are now offering unlimited bandwidth with these types of hosting packages. Remember it is always better to choose a company who offers a range of different services just in case your requirements change in the future.How feature rich are they? Do they offer 1 Click Install for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla?All good hosting providers should now be giving away lots of great free features with their hosting packages, check if they are offering one click install scripts such as:WordPress – a popular open source blogging platform, perfect for both commercial and personal use
Joomla – a user-friendly content management system with a huge range of features ready to use
Drupal – a highly customisable content management system, and other freebies such as royalty free images, clip art, flash banners, web art etcCan you easily upgrade or migrate Hosting Packages?It is likely that your hosting requirements will change in the future, and having to change your web hosting provider just because your require a larger hosting package is very frustrating. Ask your web host if they provide the option to upgrade your web hosting package easily. Your web host should offer an easy to use control panel where this can be done with little hassle. Your web host should also be able to assist you when upgrading your web hosting account, and should guide you in choosing the correct package for your needs.Do they have a money back guarantee?All good hosting companies will have confidence in their services and usually offer at least a 30 day money back guarantee on hosting packages, if they don’t ask them why not!What servers do they use?All reputable web hosts should be conscientiousness with keeping up with the latest technology, with the fast rate of which technology advances they should be upgrading their servers and software every year or two. They should also be able to tell you specifics on server capacity, type of server, its always good to get this information then you can do some of your own research on the server and see what types of reviews it has.Do they have anti-virus measures in place?It is vital for anyone who has a website to have effective security, even more so if you are on a shared server. Ask your web host what measures they practice and if they perform regular virus scans of their servers.What kind of technical support do they offer?One of the most important aspects of web hosting, is finding a company which offers an efficient, fast and friendly technical support service. Technical support will also have access to your server and is able to make diagnostics should any problems arise. Find out what hours they offer support, many companies now offer it 24 hours a day, either by a ticket system or by phone, raising a ticket is usually much more convenient way to get your problems quickly resolved.

5 Tips on Choosing a Good Web Host

There are just so many web hosting providers around these days, all offering hosting that are almost similar in terms of features and pricing. So just how do we select the best web hosting company? What do we look out for when selecting a host for our websites?
Requirements fulfilled?
It is of utmost importance that the requirements of your website are met. This includes the key features of disk space, bandwidth/data transfer, scripts, secure servers and shopping carts, emails and auto-responders, control panels and multiple domains and sub-domains. All your needs and requirements must be met.

Disk space and bandwidth
Most companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, so you might go for these if you are trying to decide between a company who offers capped features and another who has unlimited hosting. While you most likely do not need that much disk space and bandwidth, prices aren’t usually much different anyway.
PHP, Perl, MySQL, FTP, SSH,.htaccess and SSI are the scripts that you would usually need for your website to perform the basic functions of carrying out operations, running a content management system and customizing error pages.
Shopping carts and secure servers
If you run an online business through your website, you would need a secure server and a shopping cart for this purpose. Secure servers are vital in protecting the information of your customers as they make purchases with the credit card. Check if your host has both these features to facilitate monetary transactions.
Emails and auto-responders
Here are several things to check if your hosting server can do: Provision of email addresses at your domain, an auto-responder that allows you to send a pre-set automatic reply to senders and the retrieval of emails with your email software.
Server account control panel
Take note that not every host offers a control panel for their clients to manage their websites themselves. This is especially true for budget or free web hosting. If your plan doesn’t come with a control panel, you would have to contact technical support each time you want to perform simple tasks such as changing passwords or deleting email accounts.
Multiple domains and sub-hosting
Someday you might want to host several domains or sub-domains under the same account, or to sell web space. Therefore, have this in mind when considering a web host. Most offer this feature anyway.

Experienced in web hosting?
Between a company that had just started up and another who has been hosting for several years, the better bet would be the one who has experience. They would have the knowledge in handling problems and the expertise in making sure that your websites are running optimally. Also check if the company is currently hosting any big names. Big names have stricter requirements and would need their websites to perform optimally, so if big names go for that particularly web host, then you most probably should too.
Uptime guaranteed?
It is best to go for a web host who offers an uptime guarantee. I have come across several who promise a 99.9% uptime. Anything below 99.5% is considered unacceptable. While this, of course, doesn’t guarantee that there aren’t any glitches, at least we know that they are committed to delivering their promise. Uptimes are important for you surely do not want your website to be down and inaccessible most of the time.
Location of web host?
Choose a local host that is located in the same country or time zone as you are. This would mean that their data center is likely to be located close to you, along with their support team. Having a data center placed halfway around the world will result in a lack of speed for your site, and you wouldn’t want to be trying to get technical support from a team who is only going to respond to you a good day later.
Availability of round-the-clock support?
Find out how easy it is to reach their customer support team should you need them. Most web hosts offer several methods of contacting them, either by email, phone or live chat. If calling them up is your preferred method of contact, ensure that there is someone to pick up the phone or else you would frustrate yourself listening to some promotional messages over and over again. This is also one reason why you should choose a web host who is located in the same time zone as you are, so that there will be someone to attend to you whenever you need immediate assistance.
Take note that while some hosts may claim to provide customer support 24/7, they might not necessarily be available on weekends. For this, try emailing them and see how fast they respond.
To get started with choosing a good web hosting company, you can check out reliable web hosting review websites such as 100 Web Hosting. Do remember that prices aren’t everything when it comes to deciding on a web host. In fact, it should be one of the last factors to consider as we all know that quality and satisfaction don’t come cheap.